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Tropical discus fish

Beautiful and graceful these tropical discus fish make delightful pets. They also brighten any place home or office because of their naturally bright colors.

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The tropical discus fish are fresh water fishes and belong to the cichlid family of fishes. They were first discovered in South American Amazon River and thus are natives of the Amazon.

There are many varieties of discus fishes of various hues and color. Unlike the earlier days, it has become quite easy to procure these tropical discus fish as more and more people are breeding it.

Since they are quite delicate and sensitive to the environment they are put in, the water quality needs to meet some certain standards. The water in the Amazon is soft water as it does not have any hard minerals dissolved in it. Therefore the discus in the aquarium should also have similar conditions too. This can be obtained by using a good quality reverse osmosis filter in the tank which will remove the dissolved minerals found in tap water.

Its is also better to keep these tropical discus fish in small groups because they are very social fishes and like to swim and frolic about in the water. This helps in developing their personalities. However if you have just one discus, it will get very lonely and depressed and your tank will not be as lively as it should be.

They do like noise so one should place the aquarium in the quieter recess of the house. Also sudden temperature fluctuations can prove to be fatal to these delicate creatures. Feeding them is considerably easy as one can feed baby brine shrimp, worms and daphnia.

The ph level of water should be anywhere between 5.5 to 6.5 ph. However one must avoid frequent or sudden water changes as it causes stress which can reduce their life span. Therefore a once a week change of water is considered safe.

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