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Betta fish

In the binomial hierarchical structure the betta fish falls in a low-level classification system classified as genus. These types of fish come from South-East Asia.

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Betta fishes are generally small, however they vary in size. These are freshwater ray-finned fish and are also known as, anabantoids, meaning a betta fish can breathe atmospheric air because they possess a lung like labyrinth organ. This enables for them to survive in low-oxygen water places for example rice paddies, streams and large puddles.

There are various betta fish and are divided into two categories found on their breeding behavior. Betta splendens or Siamese fighting fish are fond of building bubble nests, whereas, betta picta or spotted betta are mouthbrooders. The spotted betta are also called "pseudo-bettas" and theorized to have developed from Betta splendens.

When it comes to food the genus species are small eaters and therefore should be fed only once a day. Betta fish can be fed black worms, frozen blood worms or floating flake food.

There are confusions regarding the wordage of these fish. In America, betta splendens that are often sold are ordinarily known as bettas. Since 2006, 65 betta species have been classified which makes it confusing for fish keepers in not only differentiating the betta fish but also in identifying it.

Although betta species are found everywhere, most of betta species are endangered. IUCN have listed many betta speices as unsafe. Some of the betta species classified as endangered are Betta livida, Betta spilotogena, Betta miniopinna, and Betta Persephone.

UNEP recorded Betta tomi, an unconfirmed betta species, almost extinct in Singapore between the years 1970-1994. This is pointed out to the eradicated betta tomi, that still lives in the wild and captivity in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.

Thus under the circumstances, these species are categorized for conservation purposes.

January 23th, 11

Salt water fish require making a lot of adjustments once they are removed from their natural habitat and placed in the aquarium.

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April 24th, 11

There are various betta fish and are divided into two categories found on their breeding behavior.

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Released on July 15,1988, it is a law-breaking humorous film which centers round a gang of jewel-thieves and its aftermath, "a fish called wanda".

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