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Aquarium discus fish

Aquarium discus fishes are a delight for they are one of the most beautiful fishes around. They make great pets since they are very sociable and will definitely not bite the guests.

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Although, they can seem to be temperamental at first however with the right kind of attention you can soon have a thriving aquarium of discus fishes.

Aquarium discus fish are the happiest in a large aquarium for they love to swim around.

So the aquarium balance should be one discus fish for every ten gallons of water. This will ensure that you do not crowd the fish.

The shape of the tank should be preferably tall than wide. Usually a three feet tall and four feet wide tank is ideal. However, one need not purchase another tank if you already have one. The only rule to remember is to have a 35 gallon tank or larger if one is considering keeping more than three fishes as a small tank gets difficult to clean.

Though an aquarium discus fish does not require any special diet, it is important to ask the discus fish breeder what he was feeding before bringing it home. The reason is that an aquarium discus fish is a delicate creature. A sudden food change will cause them stress.

The ideal water temperature for the aquarium discus fish is anywhere between 82 to 86 degree Fahrenheit. Hard water is not recommended, so soft water of 3 and 15dh should be used. Most people neglect the ph factor water, when it is the one factor that kills these fishes.

The ph factor of the water should be 5.5 6.5 ph. An unfavorable ph factor may not be harmful to the fish immediately, as they may live and breed even. However, it causes them a lot of stress which eventually shortens their life span.

January 23th, 11

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April 24th, 11

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