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Since the 1920's, the discus fish has been cared for because it is great to own as a pet. In the past, especially beginners have avoided buying a discus fish as it is tedious to maintain.

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It is most likely for an advanced fish keeper to own one. However, if a fish fancier has a guide, they can keep a discus fish.

Although, it is expensive to buy discus fish, it certainly has not stopped people from purchasing one. It is advisable to buy discus fish without any diseases; else it will be difficult for the owner. Firstly, the buyer should observe the fish swimming for some time and wisely choose a healthy discus fish. Secondly, one should look out for a DNS label marked on the fish tank as this indicates the tank has been quarantined at least once.

It is important to look at their shape if one needs to buy discus fish. By nature, the fish will have a round shaped body that will show if it is in a good condition or not. The most effective way in choosing a healthy discus fish is by checking their eyes. The eyes should look clear and small, not huge and cloudy.

Subsequently, they are very responsive. The alertness of the fish should be monitored by feeding them. This should be done at the pet store, before acquiring it. If the fish responds to the food immediately, it is a sign that it is healthy; if they do not react, consider another fish.

Moreover, it is necessary to inspect the tank making sure it is clean. They tend to waste a lot, if the water in the tank looks white, this might be sign of worms. Therefore, one should not overlook these steps before buying discus fish.

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Entertainment all time favorite movies that have adopted their movie title from fish.

Released on July 15,1988, it is a law-breaking humorous film which centers round a gang of jewel-thieves and its aftermath, "a fish called wanda".

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