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Discus fish

A Discus fish is a very beautiful tropical fish know for its graceful swimming. They belong to the cichlids fish family. There are many varieties of cichlids found al over the world. The African cichlids and angelfish are some beautiful examples.

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They were first discovered in the Amazon River in South America and since then they have gained popularity. Nowadays we can find varieties of these fishes in any good pet shop.

Discus fishes are delicate fishes and require high standards of water quality compared to other normal fishes. The water needs to be similar to that of the Amazon which is slightly acidic in nature and contains very little hard water minerals in it.

In the Amazon, the discus fish is found in large shoals. Since they are one of the smaller varieties of cichlids, they usually travel or swim in large schools. This means that the discus fish is a very sociable fish and needs to be in groups to survive. Hence, while considering buying discus fish for an aquarium at home, it is good to buy more than one because an isolated discus fish is a very lonely depressed fish.

Since these fishes do not like a noisy environment and is easily intimidated by noise and clatter, they should be placed somewhere quite. The tank should also be kept away from heating devices as it would cause the water temperature to fluctuate which is harmful for the fish. Direct sunlight is also not good the tank as it propagates algae growth.

Since these fishes grow to about six inches in size, the tank size needs to be fairly big. The water needs to be changed once a week. Since the quality of water is very critical for the discus fish, changing it too often upsets the natural balance of bacteria in the tank. The ph balance should be 5.5 6.5 and the temperature 78 to 85 degree Fahrenheit for a healthy environment.

January 23th, 11

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