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Purchase discus fish

These days one can find a large variety of discus fish in the local aquarium stores. One can purchase discus fish either as matched pairs generally for breeding or get around six or seven of them to brighten the house.

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These colorful and highly interactive fishes are a delight to any fish enthusiast. If one is looking for some graceful fishes for a home aquarium, it is a good choice to purchase discus fish.

However, there are some pointers to follow while purchasing discus fish. Discus fishes are sensitive creatures and require a great deal of care. Therefore one must take into account many factors like the shape and size of the tank, water temperature and quality of water, feeding process and most importantly the breeder or the store to purchase discus fish from.

Usually a 3 feet tall and four feet wide tank is a good shape and size to house the discus. Since they are quite free spirited and like to swim around a lot, there should be ample space for them to do so. A 35 gallons or more tank makes a comfortable home for not more than discus fish.

Since discus fishes are social creatures and can be found swimming in groups or schools, it is not wise to keep only a single one. This is known to cause depression and create stress which in turn shortens their life span. Therefore it is best to keep at the least three discus fish in an aquarium.

One should also consider the quality of water used in the aquarium. Water that is too acidic can be harmful to these delicate fishes and a safe ph level is usually between 5.5 to 6.5 ph. One can add peat to the aquarium to lower the ph level gradually as a sudden change of water is also not advisable. They do not do well in hard water conditions too. To avoid this one should mix tap water (as it is hard) with soft water and create a balance. One can also use a reverse osmosis filter for this purpose.

January 23th, 11

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