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Discus fish tanks

A discus fish is a tropical fish and enjoy the company of other fish. The challenges of setting up a tank or an aquarium for the discus fish is that the requirements needed to maintain for them to survive can be tedious.

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One cannot afford to overlook any details.
Nevertheless, if one keeps in mind all the necessary elements to have discus fish tanks it will not pose any problems. When buying discus fish tanks, it is wise to invest in a large tank or aquarium. Discus fish grow gradually in size and so twenty-thirty gallons of water are customary. Subsequently, they are shy in nature so the tank must be kept in a noise free zone. Direct sunlight must be avoided and the tank should be placed on solid ground.

Moreover, the water quality is one of the most important factors for the discus fish to live. The water temperature should be in 20-30 degree Celsius and the alkaline level of the water must be regulated. One should always ensure that the water is clean and regularly changing the tank water must be avoided. RO- reverse osmosis can be used to filter the water.

Discus fish tanks can be filled with fine gravel, plants-live and plastic. These plants emit nutrients like ammonia, nitrates and nitrites which help to keep the bacteria in control. They are also used to beautify the fish tanks.

Natural elements like driftwood, rocks are used to decorate the fish tank. The discus fish immensely enjoy these decors as they resemble close to their natural habitat. It is advised not to clutter the fish tank.

Furthermore, the discus fish is a social fish. So, it is fitting to have the Characins, Dwarf Cichlids, Pearl Gouramis, Dwarf Gouramis and Corydoras as its mates in the discus fish tank. Hence, owning a discus fish for most of the fish keepers has proved to be a success.

January 23th, 11

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