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Breeding discus fish

Breeding discus fish has become considerably easier now as compared to in the past. There are many successful breeders of discus fish who are doing it either on a large scale or as an extension of their original love for these beautiful fishes.

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There are many techniques to breed these dazzling fresh water fishes. Here are some basic methods for successfully breeding discus fish.

One can start by purchasing a decent sized tank from the local aquarium store. You can either get a pair of discus fishes who have partnered up. One interesting factor about these fishes is that they are choosy about their partners and do not couple up with any other fish. If one has time and leisure you can buy a group of them and watch and wait for them to partner up. This can be a joy on its own.

The first signs of breeding are when a pair section off a part of the aquarium and begin to protect it fiercely. This means that they are beginning to mark a territory to lay eggs and spawn. At this point one should either remove the couple to a separate breeding tank or section off that part of the aquarium with a piece of glass cut to size.

This is when breeding discus fish becomes exciting. Since fishes lay their eggs vertically, one should place a piece of vertical object for that purpose. The tank should be kept as clean and simple as possible.

The eggs generally take about two days to hatch and immediately the young fry start feeding off the parents shedding scales. One can start feeding the young fry after three week mostly baby brine shrimp. This is also when the baby fish should be removed from the parent fishes. The parent discus will spawn again roughly every week for twelve weeks.

January 23th, 11

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April 24th, 11

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